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Shi Zhiyong, a 2019 Postgraduate of Ningbo University, Won 3 Gold Medals and Broke 2 World Records at 2019 World Weightlifting Championships

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On the evening of September 21, Shi Zhiyong, a 2019 postgraduate student majored in Sports Training from Faculty of Physical Education of Ningbo University, won 3 gold medals at the 2019 World Weightlifting Championships in Pattaya, Thailand. Shi Zhiyong won 3 champions in the men’s 73kg snatch, clean and jerk and total scores and broke 2 world records. This competition is the largest in the history of the number of participants and competitiveness.

In the men’s group A 73kg competition, Shi Zhiyong made a successful 160KG-snatch at first and then lifted 163KG and 166KG successively, 9KG more than that of the second place, securing the first gold medal; in the clean and jerk, Shi Zhiyong lifted 190KG at the beginning and heaved 197KG at the second lifting, breaking the world record of 196kg in the clean and jerk set by himself, becoming champions for both the clean and jerk and the total score, and finally breaking the world record with the total score of 363KG.

Faculty of Physical Education of Ningbo University formed a scientific and technological service research team with teachers and postgraduates from the Institute of Great Health to track and collect the competition data all the way on site, which has accumulated scientific basis for the optimization of key technology of Shi Zhiyong.

Shi Zhiyong's excellent performance made Chinese weightlifting display its power again on the weightlifting platform in Pattaya, and the national anthem played at the stage of World Weightlifting Championship once again!

Looking forward to Shi Zhiyong’s winning of the champion again in Tokyo Olympic Games!

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